$12 per year, paid annually on the anniversary of your subscription.

That gets you unrestricted access to all features (reasonable use limits apply… see below).

Start a 1 month trial


Mailgrip uses a third party payment processor, Gumroad, to securely process payments and manage subscriptions. After you sign up you’ll be redirected to Gumroad's site where you can activate your subscription.

View Mailgrip's page on Gumroad.

Reasonable use limits

There aren’t any hard limits in place, so as long as you’re using Mailgrip for its intended purpose you won’t run into any issues. If however, you’re receiving thousands of emails a day, or your RSS reader is fetching a feed thousands of times a day — we should probably talk about a custom plan!

Exceptions to the pricing plan

If you’d like to use Mailgrip, but your personal situation makes it hard to pay the subscription — send me an email and I’ll see what I can do.