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Mailgrip declutters your inbox by letting you read email newsletters at your own pace, in your favourite RSS reader.

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Quickly catch up on your email newsletters using the Daily Inbox Summary, and the Summary RSS feed.

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Screenshots of Mailgrip inboxes

Multiple inboxes

Create as many inboxes as you want. Each inbox gets a unique email address and RSS feed.

Screenshot of a message formatted by Mailgrip

Readable formatting

Emails are formatted for readability. By stripping out the clutter you can focus more on reading the content of the message.

Screenshot of Mailgrip's sender management page

Sender management

Getting too many emails from someone? Temporarily ignore their messages, and when you're ready to hear from them again unignore… or don't!

Screenshots of Mailgrip running on three RSS readers

Plain old RSS

Mailgrip's feeds are standard RSS. They're bound to work with your favourite RSS reader.


How do I keep receiving newsletters to my own email address, but also have them show up in Mailgrip?

Most email providers will allow you to set up auto-forwarding rules for your messages. Set these up to detect when a newsletter is received, and forward it to your Mailgrip inbox's email address. If you have an option to "Send a Copy" or "Forward Original" - go for that. It'll strip out the "FWD: " prefix on the message, and also not have your own address as the sender of the message.

Can I see the raw HTML for a message I received?

Yes - although emails in your feed will show up with readable formatting, you can still view the original message by finding it in your inbox on the Mailgrip site.